Yoga in the Oblomov Hotel

Yoga is originally from India. The roots of this philosophy lie in Hinduism and parts of Buddhism. According to tradition, Yoga stimulate the life energy, through a combination of posture, movement, concentration and breathing.

Yoga can relieve various medical conditions, such as headaches, sleep disorders, anxiety and nervousness.

Hotel Melisa Activities

  • Daily boat tours: Phaselis and three islands - Porto Cenevız Sazak and Sulu island tours.
  • Walking the Lycian Way: Mountain walks are suitable seasons.
  • Wood Pigeon Mountain tour with dinner :Aerial Cableway is the longest in Europe, the Sea and the 2365 meter high summit of Mount Tahtalı together. Summit of the majestic snow-capped mountains, fast-growing and tourism, which is popular in Kemer, Antalya is located in the.
  • Visit the ancient city of Olympos: 6 Lycian era this is known as the largest city of Olympos is scheduled will have the opportunity to see the works of the many historic ride for.
  • visit to Mount Chimera: Chimera in this round of the unquenchable fire in the evening, you have the possibility to see.
  • Kumluca bazaar tour: On Friday, the vicinity of the village's largest market, come here.
  • Kemer tours: Shopping belt, and then market the opportunity to tour
  • Jeep Safari: Will collect unforgettable memories of this round of the Taurus Mountains.
  • Bike & Car Rent a car